About Us

Plenty of people ask where the journey of Kelham Island Concrete begins.
The answer is simple: in the industrial heart of Sheffield.

Meet the team

Oliver Miller

Oliver Miller

Oliver, a highly skilled carpenter, has worked in the building industry since qualifying in 2005. With a creative passion for design and being a skilled and experienced craftsmen, he decided to experiment with an interesting material, which most people would never associate with bespoke furniture and design; the interesting use of concrete. Oliver decided to explore a new product, industry and art form - Kelham Island Concrete was born!

Connor Povall

Conor Povall

In March 2017, Kelham Island Concrete had the pleasure of welcoming Conor Povall to the team. Conor, a graduate with a masters in Furniture Design, has embraced the Kelham Island Concrete vision and dream. His dedication and design talents have allowed Kelham Island Concrete to grow and develop, and his commitment has been crucial to the business success so far.

Lucy Miller

Lucy Miller

We are also pleased to have our Company Director Lucy Miller on board, as a more permanent member of the team. Although not being involved in direct production of our bespoke concrete products, Lucy leads the operations in the office, making sure everything runs smoothly.

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