Our Story

Plenty of people ask where the journey of Kelham Island Concrete began, the answer is simple, in the industrial heart of Sheffield.

Kelham Island Concrete was started by a man named Oliver Miller. Oliver, a highly skilled carpenter, has worked in the building industry since qualifying in 2005. After working on various projects, Oliver decided to venture out and expand his horizons on to a new and exciting project. With a creative passion for design and being a skilled and experienced craftsmen, he decided to experiment with an interesting material, which most people would never associate with bespoke furniture and design; the interesting use of concrete. Oliver decided to explore a new product, industry and art form. Then, Kelham Island Concrete was born!

In March 2017, Kelham Island Concrete had the pleasure of welcoming Conor Povall to the team. Conor, a graduate with a masters in Furniture Design, has embraced the Kelham Island Concrete vision and dream. His dedication and design talents have allowed Kelham Island Concrete to grow and develop, and his commitment has been crucial to the business success so far.

Developments over the past year

Over the last year, Kelham Island Concrete has expanded and grew even more, taking on new and exciting projects which are timeless, bespoke, unique and fresh.

New premises – In May 2018 Kelham Island Concrete moved into its very own premises! Previously, the workshop was shared with another business, however the space got too busy as both businesses grew. Now you can find Kelham Island Concrete on the other side of Kelham Island, @ 17 Copper Street, S3 7AG. The workshop has provided a vast space for Kelham Island Concrete to work on their many masterpieces, has given them a separate working office, also the space lends itself for a well awaited customer showroom (being developed as speak). Keep your eyes peeled on social media for the official opening!

Kitchens – worktops, sinks and upstands have been a massive success this year, and the guys been kept busy with some very unique and stunning projects, which has really expanded their portfolio and expertise. The boys have worked really hard to keep the project development process as smooth as possible for the customer, tried to speed up lead times in production, yet manage to continue to create the most beautiful bespoke worktops all with different finishes, look and textures, that seem to ‘wow’ every customer once installed.

Furniture – concrete furniture has also been a big hit this year, with dining tables, hearths and various sinks, all being in popular demand. Both individual and commercial projects continue to embrace the love of concrete and request for more bespoke furniture to be made.

Grand Designs – It has always been a dream of Oliver’s to appear on the TV programme Grand Designs, and this year that dream came true! Well… Kelham Island Concrete didn’t quite make the final cut, but one of our pieces did make it into a house that appeared on the show. Kevin would have definitely loved it for sure!

What’s next? – The next few weeks and months are super busy in the lead up to Christmas and stepping into 2019, with people booking in their concrete requests daily. Lots of amazing kitchen projects are booked in, further work for Peddler, an unique project with the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and some further exciting work booked in for various Gail’s Bakeries across London!

What can Kelham Island Concrete do for you?

Kelham Island Concrete can provide you with a bespoke, unique, flexible and personal service, which will go above and beyond to make your concrete dreams come true. Whether in a private or commercial setting, Kelham Island Concrete will always serve all of your concrete needs and desires. If you are passionate about innovative design and have a love of concrete, then Kelham Island Concrete is the place for you!

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